Benefits of Guyabano on Your Health

The guyabano fruit is better known in many parts of the world as the sour sop. Although it is originally from Central America and the Caribbean, it is now one of the top produced fruits in the Philippines. Its green, slightly spiky skin encloses a white, creamy pulp that carries an assortment of nutrients. Visit your local fresh food market or store to get hold of these highly nutritious and tasty fruits.

Types of Nutrients in Guyabano

The guyabano fruit can be used to treat anything from poor liver function to skin conditions. Its medicinal properties can be accredited to its list of nutrients. The flesh of this exotic fruit holds high quantities of vitamin C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Guyabano also contains some healthy acids that work together with vitamins to fulfill numerous bodily processes.

Guyabano and Disease Prevention

Having frequent servings of guyabano can build your defense against many illnesses, from the common cold to cancer. The nutrient that makes this possible is vitamin C. Vitamin C is a potent, multi-purpose nutrient that improves your body’s natural immunity and destroys free radicals. Vitamin C, when taken in adequate doses, can also help you heal faster from diseases and injuries.

Guyabano and Digestion

If you don’t eat enough fiber, it won’t be long until constipation and other digestive difficulties set in. To enjoy normal digestion, you need to fill your diet with fibrous fruits and vegetables like guyabano. While a lot of high-fiber foods tend to have neutral flavors, the rich, creamy taste of the guyabano fruit makes it a delicious way to fill up on fiber and many nutrients.

Guyabano and Weight Loss

The key to weight loss lies in the calories you eat, the quality of those calories and burning as much body fat as possible during exercise. The guyabano can help in this regard by providing fiber, vitamin C and a relatively low calorie count. While fiber manages your appetite, vitamin C has been shown to increase fat burn during workouts. A cup of gubayano fruit contains roughly 150 calories, but you can lower this amount by reducing your portions.

Guyabano and Bone Health

You can help delay and even reverse the effect of aging on your bones by eating guyabano or sour sop regularly. It has been proven to contain high levels of calcium that can metabolize and restore the strength of bones. Calcium works in tandem with phosphorus to increase your bone density and delay bone erosion that causes osteoporosis.

Guyabano and the Heart

One of the best health benefits of this tropical fruit is the effect it has on your heart condition. Because guyabano is packed with potassium, it can help high blood pressure return to normal. It can also help you remedy heart palpitations and restore your heartbeat rhythm.

Other Health Benefits of Guyabano

The flesh and leaves of the guyabano fruit has been used to enhance energy levels and stamina. Many Asian communities use its leaves to make tea with cancer-preventing and anti-bacterial properties. Herbal medicines containing guyabano extract are available, but speak to your physician about the possible effects before ingesting.

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