Benefits of Kamias on Your Health

Kamias is not as widely known as other tropical fruits, but it fast gaining recognition in many countries. To Asian countries and islands, especially in the Philippines, its nutritional and medicinal value is common knowledge. The kamias fruit, also called bilimbi, has close relations to the balimbing or star fruit. Unlike the star fruit, however, it has a sour flavor that many use as a cooking agent.


Types of Nutrients in Kamias

The main use of kamias in a lot of countries is for food preparation. Many cooks find its sour flesh versatile and use it as a base or ingredient for many dishes. Apart from versatility, kamias provides nutrients. Although the amount of nutrients is smaller than other tropical fruits, its nutritional profile is broader. This fruit has significant traces of vitamins B and C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and fiber.

Kamias and Disease Prevention

Filipino locals are familiar with the medicinal abilities of the kamias fruit. Alternative medicine practitioners use it to treating an array of ailments, from inflammation to fevers. The healing agent is ascorbic acid, which is actually a form of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is an effective, natural immune booster and helps to build up a protective shield against bacteria and free radicals.

Kamias and Digestion

Even if the kamias fruit is not the most fibrous food around, it still contains enough dietary fiber to add to your daily requirement. If being constipated is a frequent occurrence, it is advisable to get into the habit of eating fresh produce and whole grains. Kamias is just one addition that you can make to a lifelong, fiber-rich diet.

Kamias and Bone Health

You might not be aware of it or have any symptoms, but bones and teeth become weaker and less dense as you age. Calcium supplements might be a great option, but filling up on calcium-rich food is even better. Of all nutrients, kamias is the most prominent in kamias and can support your entire skeletal structure. Phosphorus complements calcium by increasing the mineral’s effectiveness of adding strength and density to teeth and bones.

Kamias and Weight Loss

Finding low-calorie snacks to go with your meal plan can be a bit of a challenge. Kamias, on the other hand, has very few calories. It can be added to drinks and dishes without hiking up the calorie count. It has a delicious, tart taste that you can use to flavor sauces and other condiments. In addition, foods with vitamin B have been shown to have a positive effect on the metabolic rate as well.

Cooking with Kamias

Even if you have never cooked with kamias before, it is likely you’ve tasted it in different foods. Many juice the fruit to add to lemonades and even wine. The flesh of the fruit can also be mixed into seafood sauces and dips because of its sour taste. It is not uncommon for cooks to use it as a base for homemade jam as well. Kamias makes a great ingredient for both light and fruity, and heart, savory recipes.

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