Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemons are arguably the most versatile fruits on the planet. From marinades and dressings to teas and detox drinks, there are many ways to incorporate them into your diet. Learn about the health benefits of lemon and how to make this citrus fruit part of your lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Lemons have an exceptional nutritional profile. With an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it is no surprise the fruit is featured among the top healthiest foods in the world.


If there is one nutrient that is synonymous with lemon it is vitamin C. Known as a natural remedy for colds and flu, it supports immunity so your body can fight illness. Vitamin C is also an anti-aging agent, increasing collagen for healthy, glowing skin.

Lemons not only improve the skin, they revitalize your hair and vision too. This is because they contain high amounts of vitamin A and E. Combined with vitamin C, A and E have antioxidant effects. They eliminate free radicals to renew and protect your cells from aging and disease.

On top of looking younger, you can feel younger too. One of the health benefits of lemon is the energy boost it provides. This is partly because of the vitamin B-complex. B vitamins help metabolize food so it can be converted into energy faster.

Calcium and Phosphorus

Do your bones feel weak? Are you prone to fractures and other injuries? Add lemons to your diet to increase calcium and phosphorus intake. These minerals help build bone, restore strength and can reduce your risk of related conditions.



High blood pressure is on the rise in many parts of the world. The main reason is that people don’t consume enough foods with potassium. By adding lemon to your daily regime, you can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of strokes and help your heart beat normally again.

Copper and Zinc

This immune-boosting duo is efficient at stimulating the natural healing process, preventing disease and delaying degeneration. A daily dose of dose lemon can help you heal faster, delay organ damage caused by age and increase disease-fighting antibodies.

There are many more health benefits of lemon. It is an antiseptic, diuretic and laxative in one. In addition to eating it, you can apply it on your skin, rub it on teeth and gums, and even clean with it.

How to Add Lemon to Your Diet

Lemon is usually consumed in small amounts because of its bitter taste. If you want to eat more lemon but don’t know how, here are a few great tips.

Flavor Beverages


The easiest way to consume more lemon every day is to add it to beverages. You can use it to flavor water and teas. Start your day with a cup of lemon water to kick start your body. Add a spoon of honey to the mix to make a refreshing, tasty drink.

Season Meats


Lemons can flavor and tenderize your meats at the same time. You can mix lemon with dry spices and use it as a rub for chicken, steak, lamb chops, pork, turkey, duck, fish or any protein you prefer.

Dress Salads


Lemon is a common ingredient in vinaigrettes. Add a few extra drops to reap the health benefits of lemon. You can also use the juice to make tasty sauces and marinades.

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