Spicy Wonton Soup Recipe

I made Spicy Wonton Soup tonight because I was not feeling very well during the past few days. This stuffy nose due to a cold makes me uncomfortable. I could have opted for chicken soup, which sounds like a good idea. However, my intuition tells me to go above and beyond the norm. It was such a blast and it helped me feel a bit better. There was a generous amount of spicy chili in there. I just hope that it does not get back at me tomorrow.


I got this idea from the Sichuan Wonton wherein wontons are boiled and then topped with a generous amount of sauce composed of chili oil and vinegar. I did not like to eat something hot and sour today, so I opted to make a spicy wonton noodle soup instead.

Pork neck bones were boiled to make pork stock, while the wontons were quickly assembled using ground pork and other spices. I had my homemade chili sauce as a topping along with some toasted garlic. You can use store bought chili oil (preferably  the ones with chili and garlic) to save time. The noodles that I used were wide rice noodles. This type of noodle is commonly used to make Pho.


This was a quick recipe that I just thought of today and I am glad that everything worked out as expected.

Try this Spicy Wonton Soup Recipe. Let me know what you think.

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